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About UsGetting better each day with a diverse customer base and customer service flexibility!

Pioneer was founded in 1973 by Vic Garmong.  He secured distributorship from Westinghouse Electric Corporation (currently Eaton/Cutler-Hammer), who wanted representation in the area to service local industry. Mr. Garmong decided on Franklin as a location because of the absence of a local supply house there.  “Working with Westinghouse, we were able to provide service and products to the area that were not previously available.  We made a conscious effort to provide responsive customer service and paid personal attention to each customer.” Mr. Garmong said. He attributes those qualities as being essential to the success of the fledgling company in the 70’s.


Pioneer survived the area’s fluctuating industrial climate in the eighties and nineties by aggressively pursuing new accounts, adding new product lines, and investing in new technologies that increased productivity and sales opportunities. One of these opportunities resulted in a new business called Pioneer Energy Products (PEPRO) located in Oil City, which was a spin-off from Pioneer Electric. PEPRO manufactures secure deployable radio sites for the public safety and telecommunication industries and has contracts with several state and federal agencies, as well as Motorola. An expanding customer base and increased inventory needs enabled Pioneer to move into a new building in 1987.   Vice-President Jeff Potter said “We have been able to grow a diverse customer base that has enabled us to weather the ups and downs that each industry has experienced over the years.”


From 2000 to 2008 Pioneer continued to aggressively expand its customer base, increase inventory, and pursue new sales opportunities for various customized products.  These opportunities, coupled with consistent increasing sales compelled Pioneer to begin construction on a new addition to its current building.


The expansion, completed in February, 2009 increased the size of the current facility by 75 percent. The new area provides additional storage space for inventory, and enables Pioneer to expand its services to include an electrical panel assembly shop and various customized control assemblies. The addition of the panel shop will provide a valuable service for customers that are looking for customized, industrial sized panels, that cannot wait several weeks for the standard delivery time, and are unwilling to pay a premium to have the panel delivery expedited.   Pioneer will be able to assemble these panels, significantly decrease the turnaround time, and save the customer both time and money.


In spite of the current state of the economy, Pioneer is encouraged that they will enjoy the same growth and success they have had over the past three decades.  Mr. Garmong says “Because of our diverse customer base, our customer service flexibility, and our willingness to solve our customers’ problems, we feel that we can continue to branch out into different industries and continue to grow our business.”